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Chimney Repair Services in Los Angeles

Dusty Ducts HVAC Services Inc. is proud to be Los Angeles’ most trusted HVAC service provider. With a team of experienced and professional technicians, we can address all of your chimney and fireplace concerns, including repairs, tuckpointing, restoration and replacement of chimneys.

Chimney Repair and Replacement Services for the Los Angeles Area

If a chimney has been correctly installed and maintained, their life-span extends to 50 years or more! However, in order to achieve an efficient and quality chimney or fireplace, it is vital that regular cleaning services are provided to fireplace flues and furnace flues are provided. However if you haven’t been taking care of your chimney on a regular basis, chances are there may be some underlying problems that aren’t visible to the regular eye. Dusty Ducts HVAC Services Inc. and our team of qualified experts can provide thorough inspections, and ensure all necessary repairs are addressed whether big or small.

Small chimney repairs include tuckpointing the deep mortar joints and holes, applying a new layer of cement to the chimney crown to protect from seasonal weather changes, and also replacing clay flue tiles. Dusty Ducts HVAC Services Inc. also provides brick restoration, if the bricks are worse for wear.

Chimney Rebuilding Services provided by Dusty Ducts HVAC Services Inc.

If you have an older residential or commercial space with a chimney, the chimney may be too old to be repaired, therefore it may need to be replaced and re-built. Typically the signs to know if your chimney needs to be replaced, include a leaning chimney or major brick deterioration with large gaps between each brick. Dusty Ducts HVAC Services, Inc. can provide all relevant recommendations after providing a thorough inspection and maintenance check of the chimney and fireplace. If a chimney requires replacing, our team of experts can provide options to ensure the chimney still matches your home or commercial space, with appropriate colour matching, finishes and details. Dusty Ducts HVAC Services Inc. is fully licensed, in addition to being insured and bonded, our team of technicians have over 10 years of experience and can confidently provide recommendations and solutions that meet your requirements and needs! Trust us to ensure your chimney is safe and up-to-standard with all regulatory codes.

Chimney Cleaning

No-mess cleaning of the chimney flue, smoke chamber, and smoke shelf

Chimney Adjustment

Damper adjustment, if necessary

Chimney Inspection

Basic visual inspection